Course Information

Semester Schedule

The following is a schedule of the material we will cover this semester.


A "syllabus" (from the Latin "list") is an academic document that outlines and summarizes the topics covered in an educational course. It is either written by a board or prepared by the instructor.

Syllabi are usually linked to a college's official course description - that defines which topics are going to be taught and how these will count toward a degree.

Getting a ECS Account

  1. Go to the Engineering and Computer Science Homepage at (link opens in a new page)
  2. Click on the ECS Portal Link
  3. Under the My Account box (on the right), click on Get an ECS Account.
  4. Below "Request or Modify", select Apply for a new ECS account (Windows/Unix).
  5. Now just fill out the fields. Just leave Shell as "csh".
  6. The lab assistant, in Riverside Hall 2011, will print your username and password. It might take a few days.

Association of Computer Machinery

The Association for Computing Machinery is an organization dedicated to computer science. Sacramento State has a chapter located in Riverside Hall 5029. If you want to meet other computer scientists, work on fun activities outside of class, and want to enrich your education, then you should join.

Course Software

  • PuTTY - free / open source terminal emulator.