About Devin Cook


I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science from Sacramento State University. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student. Besides the usual stress and work inherit to studying, I found college incredibly fun - from being involved in clubs, serving in the Associated Students (ASI), and, of course, getting to learn computer science.

After working in private industry for a while, I returned to Sac State as a lecturer in the Computer Science Department in 2005.




Flowgorithm is a programming tool which allows students to write and execute programs using flowcharts. The approach is designed to emphasize the algorithm rather than the syntax of a specific programming language. These flowcharts can be executed directly by the application or converted to several major programming languages. These include: C#, Java, Visual Basic. NET and Python.

The software was written to be used in CSC 10.

GOLD (Parser Generator)

For my Master's Project at Sacramento State University, I wrote a multiple programming language parsing system called GOLD. The first and second readers were Dr. Du Zhang and Dr. Radimsky. I have continued to maintain and expand the application over time - so it's an ongoing project. I am quite flattered with comments and accolades that come in from around the World.