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A "syllabus" (from the Latin "list") is an academic document that outlines and summarizes the topics covered in an educational course. It is either written by a board or prepared by the instructor. Syllabi are usually linked to a college's official course description - that defines which topics are going to be taught and how these will count toward a degree.


The following is a tentative schedule for the Summer Semester. This is subject to change. You will notified of any changes.

Optional Textbook

The course follows an excellent book called "Starting out with Programming Logic and Design" by Tony Gaddis. ISBN: 978-0134801155



We are using software called Flowgorithm - which allows us to learn programming concepts while the, often, frustrating syntax of programming languages. Your code can be converted into real programs. We will explore this later in the semester.

Windows - Getting the Software

If you use Windows, the software is free to download. You can get a copy at:

Please download the 64-bit version - unless you are using a very, very, very old computer.

Macintosh - Getting the Software


Unfortunately, there are few steps required to allow Mac computers to use the software. There is a Mac-OS version under development, but it won't be available anytime soon. We will need you to install software that will allow you to connect to a virtual Windows desktop. There two steps involved, and it can be a bit annoying

Step 1 - Install a VPN (virtual private network)

So, the first step it to get the VPN software. The University uses GlobalProtect. So, installing it is a good idea for both Windows and Macintosh users. It really is quite cool. Please visit the following website. Find the GlobalProtect link.

Once you find the Global Protect, you will be prompted (by a Microsoft page) to enter your e-mail. Enter your Saclink e-mail. Here are the official instructions:

Step 2 - Connecting to a Virtual Desktop

Once the VPN software is running, it is invisible - its always there ready to help you open a virtual desktop. The following website will automatically open a list of available computers.

Select one of the following "labs". These are available to students of all majors.

Lab Available To
ARC 1014 All majors
ARC 1015 All majors
RVR 2011 All majors
SCL 1234 All majors

The following contains some details About the Connecting (Macintosh & Windows)