Programming Projects

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Assignment Topic Handout Due Date Test Files
1 A Proper Linked List PDF File October 3, 2023  
2 A Simple Binary Tree PDF File November 7, 2023  
3 Binary Search Tree PDF File November 16, 2023 Tree Test Files

Assignment Rules

  1. LabThe design of an algorithm, and the coding of a program that implements that algorithm, must be the work of the student whose name appears on it. Do not cheat.
  2. Do not help others cheat. This means you cannot give your solution to another student or give them the pseudo-code on how to do it. For example, don't let students copy off your screen. In any case, both the student, that copied your solution, and you will receive a zero.
  3. Unless otherwise instructed (as, for example, team projects), all assignments are to be entirely your own work.
  4. Show your work (if applicable). No credit will be given for answers alone.
  5. You only can submit one solution - so make sure its correct!