Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis

Welcome to Data Structures



This course deals with one of the more important questions of writing programs... how to make it work well.

There are a number of different ways to store, manipulate, and analyze data that, can have, a huge impact on whether a program completes in a second, minute or - in worst cases - years.

Major Topics

  • Design, representation and implementation of data structures
  • Algorithm analysis and design: Big-O notation; time requirement; space requirement; counting techniques
  • Application of stacks and queues, priority queues
  • Trees: binary and n-ary trees; traversals; threaded trees; heaps; binary search trees, AVL trees, B-trees, and general search trees
  • Sets and their representation: bit map, hash table, union-find
  • Graphs: traversals; spanning trees; shortest paths
  • Recursion and stack-based memory management
  • Sorting

Course Format

This class is in-person.