About Me

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to look around.

I was raised in Sacramento, California in a peaceful, loving, suburban home by my parents Dwight and Judy and with my siblings Denise and Damon.

I was introduced to programming when I received my first computer - a wonderful little machine called the Commodore 64. It didn't take long to discover the absolute joy that comes from writing a program.

I earned my degree at California State University, Sacramento and (thoroughly) enjoyed my time on campus. I was involved in the student government (ASI) and various political shenanigans. Once I graduated, I spent some time in the private industry, but was invited (and honored) to join the Computer Science Department as a lecturer. 

I was married to a beautiful, intelligent, woman named Sonal in 2016.

  Computer Science Interests    
  • Programming Languages
  • Esoteric Programming Languages
    These are languages that lampoon normal programming concepts.  You can learn about them on esolangs.org. Make sure to check out LOLCode, Chef, and Piet.
  • Steganography
  • AI
  • Educational Software
  • Parsing
  Other Interests    
  • History - In particular the American Old West
  • Nature - anything green.
  • Classical Music (romantic & contemporary). My favorite composers include John Williams, Bruce Broughton, Tchaikovsky, and Rossini.
  • Vexillology (study of flags and symbollism)
  • Comically bad movies - the type you would see on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Red Letter Media.
  • Cats - I tend to collect cats. They always start off as strays and find me. I think there is a memo floating around.
  • True crime
  • Books: Harry Potter series, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, I Robot, and the other classics. I am looking forward to reading Dahl when I get a chance.
  • Science fiction shows: Star Trek (not the CBS content), Star Wars (not the sequel trilogy)
  • Retro gaming - which should be obvious from this website's design