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Herky the Hornet

California State University, Sacramento is located next to the American River in midtown Sacramento, California. The university guided students to their careers since its founding in 1947. Today, the student body consists of over 30,000 students and offers over 150 degrees including Computer Science, Physics, Art, and Criminal Justice (just to name a few).

As a lecturer in the Computer Science Department, I maintain a website for my students. The website is used to store lecture notes, course information, and assignments.

My Sac State Homepage

Stingers Up!

  Simple "Phone-friendly" JavaScript Pages    

Below is collection of (mostly old) JavaScripts. Many of these were written to demonstrate, to students, how easy it is to create an online "calculator".

I added a basic CSS that uses "vw" units - so these should work well on mobile phones. Please feel free to copy and modify these JavaScripts for own your purposes. Each took less than 20 minutes to write... so I really don't mind.

  • Tesla MPG Estimator
    The script uses cost-per-mile to approximate a Tesla's equivalent MPG (if it used gas).
  • Cat Age Calculator
    This script computes your cat's equivalent age in human years. Basically, Cats age at different rates during adolescence, puberty, and adulthood. The script uses the known rates and compute the result.
  • Torgo-izer 3000!
    This is a completely useless Javascript that converts a string into format that parodies the staccato speech pattern of "Torgo" from the cult classic "Manos: The Hands of Fate". Any fan of Mystery Science 3000 will see the humor.
  • Volume Converter.
  • Weight Converter
  • Length Converter
  • Tip Calculator
  Websites From Years Long Past - Partial List    
  • ASI Homepage (circa 1996) - My first webpage in HTML 1.0. It was exceedingly poor.
  • ASPECT (Associated Students Professor Evaluation & Comment Tracker) (circa 1999).
    This was public forum application that I wrote on a UNIX server. It allowed students to write comments in much the same way that RateMyProfessors does now. Comments could be reviewed/removed and it automatically replaced improper language with comic-style @#$^& symbols. There was a competing website that existed beforehand that allowed hostile content.
  • Computer Holy Wars (circa 1998) - Parodied the Windows vs. Macintosh "war" that was raging at the time.
  • Student Activities Website (circa 2000).
  • Various political websites.
  • Sonal & Devin Wedding (2016) - I really liked how this one turned out.