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A "syllabus" (from the Latin "list") is an academic document that outlines and summarizes the topics covered in an educational course. It is either written by a board or prepared by the instructor. Syllabi are usually linked to a college's official course description - that defines which topics are going to be taught and how these will count toward a degree.

Working on Labs from Home

Installing a Virtual Private Network

So, the first step it to get the VPN software. The University uses GlobalProtect. So, installing it is a good idea for both Windows and Macintosh users. It really is quite cool. Please visit the following website. Find the GlobalProtect link.

Once you find the Global Protect, you will be prompted (by a Microsoft page) to enter your e-mail. Enter your Saclink e-mail.

Connecting to the Server


Macintosh users, fortunately, don't need to install software. They simply need to open the Terminal Program (which is built-in to Mac-OS).

You will immediately see a UNIX prompt. Mac-OS is, in fact, a version of UNIX. Neat! Once at the prompt, type the following where username is your Saclink username. You might have to manually type "yes".



To connect to the UNIX server, Windows users must download and install Telnet software. For this, you have two good options - and either will work. MobaXterm has far more features, and I recommend this application.

Once you have installed the software, you need to open a Secure Telnet connection (also known as SSH). Enter the following computer name.

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