Lecture Notes

How to Use the Notes

The notes are stored 6-slides-per-page in Adobe PDF Format. You need to have a PDF reader installed to view them. If, for some strange reason you don't, you can download it using the link on the Resources page

Lecture Notes

Main Course Material

If you are using Google Chrome, you may have to click Refresh a few times to see the notes. Chrome's use of it's cache is rather buggy.

Part Topic Lecture Notes
1 Data & Basics PDF File
2 Processors PDF File
3 Program Development PDF File
4 Buffers PDF File
5 Indexing PDF File
6 Conditional Logic PDF File
7 Arithmetic Logic Unit PDF File
8 Subroutines & Operating Systems PDF File
  Midterm 2 Study Guide PDF File

Supplemental Material

This material is for your benefit - if you want to look further into the topics. However, I won't put material on the exams.

Part Topic Lecture Notes
1 B More Details about ASCII PDF File