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Sacramento State

Sac State Phone App

There is a fantastic app available for both the iPhone and Droid phones.

The app contains a map of the campus, a link to the Campus Calendar, and much more.


  • CSUS Campus Calendar
    Universities are full of activity - from guest speakers to sports events. The following website keeps track of all the events coming up on campus.
  • Sac State ACM
    The Association of Computing Machinery is an organization dedicated to computer science. If you want to meet other computer scientists, work on fun activities outside of class, and want to enrich your education, then you should join.
  • State Hornet
    Sacramento State's online newspaper.
  • State State Athletics
    The homepage for all the Sac State athletic teams. Go Hornets!  

Free Software

  • Inkscape
    This application allows you to create SVG (vector) graphics. You can export them to EMF and use them in Office applications. It is like a " Adobe Illustrator, but free.
  • Paint .NET
    Tired of the incredibly primitive features of MS Paint? This paint program contains filters and makes it easy to create PNGs with transparency.

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